Operation and Maintenance

As organisations and individuals seek to protect capital investments and generate peak efficiency, operations and maintenance are becoming increasingly critical services.

From domestic solar plants to complex production environments and R&D installations to technologically advanced industrial and commercial facilities, RIGAVA is the go-to provider of operations and maintenance services for government agencies, private organizations and the public at large.

Our organisation and operating procedures comply with the most stringent standards in terms of health and safety, supervision, on-call services and reporting. We develop and implement progress plans to continually improve the performance and productivity of the facilities under our management, using tried and tested methodology.

Our commitments to operate and maintain your facilities in good operating condition:

  • Audits and quantitative assessments give a global vision of your incoming and outgoing flows
  • Responsive and efficient technical assistance through our knowledge of your facilities, thereby ensuring continuity of service
  • On-the-ground teams for rapid on-site presence
  • Proposals for quantifiable improvements that are beneficial to your industry and the environment
  • Progress plans and cost optimisation initiatives
  • Advice on improving the reliability and safety of your industrial facilities
  • Knowledge, integration and application of environmental standards and social expectations
  • Analysis of criticality points and introduction of specific crisis management systems to maintain business continuity in the event of emergencies
  • Optimisation of water resources, network maintenance, fire water management, storm water re-use, energy assessments
  • Maintenance on CMMS
  • Full traceability of actions
  • Contractually-guaranteed results including analysis, preventive maintenance plan and corrective work, technical assistance, consulting, audits and supervision.
  • Access to our client extranet.


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