Rigava Solar water Heaters for Residentials and Commercial uses

Solar to Heat

While solar water heater devices have been around for over 100 years, the last 20 years have seen significant advances in absorber coating technologies, resulting in solar collectors that can reliably convert available sunlight for hot water supply.

By offsetting the use of electricity, gas or heating oil, using solar water heaters provide financial savings by reducing energy costs.

ETC tube with heat pipe Solar water heater

The most recent Evacuated tube collector with heat pipe type solar water heater technology from Rigava Solar provides the most efficient heating solution for domestic and commercial hot water requirement. With this improved ETC technology, you will have hot water when you want it, having no recurring cost of electricity, years of trouble free use and the assurance of a great service backup from the house of the No. 1 ranked Rigava CRM team.

Types of Solar Heater

Evacuated Tube Collector

  • Efficient, compact size and easy to install and maintain
  • Perform good even in fog and haze condition.
  • Usage areas is residential, hotels and industries which operate with low pressure requirement

Flat plate collector

  • Suitable for commercial purpose as it can withstand working pressure of 12 bar
  • Expandable to large volume system using heat tank
  • Usage areas are boilers, process heat in industries

Usage Areas

Hot water for homes

Hot water for hotels, resorts Hostels, etc

Hot water for Industries with low pressure hot water requirement

Why Rigava solar

One Stop Solution

We at Rigava take pride in carrying out all the activities from subsidy related paperwork to net metering without using any subcontractors. We strive to make the solar journey of our customer hassle free.

Made in India

We ensure all the components used are 100% made in India

Performance Guarantee

Our system and engineering team ensures that rooftop solar works efficiently year on year and generates the same output that it was designed for.

Lifetime Support

Our team will always help you with your solar journey. We maintain the projects for a lifetime.

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